“I’ve had high intensity pain and headaches for about 3 years, could not lift weights or go to school. I would say this chiropractic care is of the highest degree, and Dr. Cordoba, D.C. has a variety of skills. Headaches are decreasing, more energy and focus.” ~ Maxwell


“For years, I was having constant, severe migraines that would come and go and would last for days at a time. I would go 60-90 days between my menstrual cycles that were irregular for years.  Dr. Cordoba, D.C. understood my symptoms to find the root of the migraines.  I began a specific regimen of supplements and since then my cycle is the regular it’s been in years! I rarely suffer from migraines since I started his recommendation and diet. Yes, I would strongly recommend his care!”  ~Rae


“The first time I saw Dr. Cordoba, D.C. I couldn’t move due to back pain. He put a plan together and now several years later I rarely have any back pain. If I do, I set up an appointment and it’s taken care of. I love the flexibility and follow up from Dr. Cordoba, D.C. It’s not as if you are just a patient leaving the room, he truly cares about his patients. I refer my friends and family to Dr. Cordoba, D.C. all the time! He has so much knowledge he’s willing to share with his patients and he makes sure that both your body and mind is at ease when you leave his office.” ~ Anna


“Many years of low back pain; varied from confided to bed to inhibit daily activities… with Non-Surgical Decompression and chiropractic treatments, have much more mobility. I refer Dr. Cordoba, D.C.” ~ Anthony


“I had severe low back pain. My condition has bothered me off and on since several motor vehicle accidents. I was not able to keep up with my grandchildren. Dr. Cordoba, D.C. was very thorough, requiring XRAYS before proceeding, and explaining every step of treatment.  My pain has decreased from an 8 to a 2 (pain scale 0-10, 10 most severe) and thanks to the nutrition, my energy has increased.” ~ Judy


“It was very hard for me to work and I was in a lot of pain and very tender. Yes, give it (chiropractic treatment) a try, you will be overall healthier and what do you have to lose. If you are not satisfied with your present doctor, give Dr. Cordoba, D.C.  a try.” ~ Holly


“I had stiffness and limited range of motion on the left side of my neck with frequent numbness and tingling radiating from my jawline to the top of my ear. Yes, I would highly recommend Dr. Cordoba, D.C.  The office is very calm and the adjustment rooms are private. Dr. Cordoba is very professional and is deeply concerned for each patient he treats. His attention to detail is outstanding. You will always receive superb treatment from one of the best chiropractors in Austin. The knowledge, the encouragement and the individualized care and attention I have received from Dr. Cordoba, D.C. has been so valuable and supportive in achieving and maintaining life long health.” ~ Roxanne


“Cripling low back pain radiating down both legs. I am impressed with the level of success I have achieved from non-surgical (spinal) decompression. Additionally, the level of professionalism I have experienced with Dr. Cordoba, D.C. has been among the best. I am now able to enjoy my active lifestyle of an hour and a half at the gym daily and weekend road trips on my Harley. I am pain free and confident in my ability to perform any daily activity. Treatment involves an incredible total lifestyle health approach combining treatment with exercise and nutrition. You only get out of anything that which you are willing to put into it. Dr. Cordoba, D.C. puts in 100% for you, what are you willing to put in for yourself?” ~ Jon


“I had allergies, middle back pain, shoulder injury, trouble sleeping, sinus problems. Dr. Cordoba, D.C. is attentive, professional and has made my life pain free.  Regular care with Dr. Cordoba, D.C. will change your life. I am never sick, and I’m completing pain free.” ~ Dianne


“Very limited use of right arm. No comfortable position for shoulder. Had orthodedic surgeon tell me nothing was wrong with rotator cuff. Year long degradation of use and increased pain intensity to the point of accomplishing nothing physical.  Slow increase in strength and decrease in pain. Fantastic results. Treat more people.” ~ James


“Intense pain and discomfort in the neck area causing headaches… also experienced some discomfort with hip and lower back pain.  Dr. Cordoba, D.C. is very responsive and is able to tune in on problems areas immediately. He doe not experiment with his treatement but relies on XRAYS to correctly diagnose the problem areas and plans the treatment accordingly.” ~ Lee


“Increase strength in right arm. Decrease pain in right arm.  Able to work and work out with decrease pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Cordoba, D.C. for your chiropractic care and nutritional needs.” ~ Tami


“Aching shoulder- Several months while my broken wrist was healing.  Loss of sleep worst pain and restriction.  I felt Dr. Cordoba, D.C. knew what he was doing.  Getting a good nights sellp and gradual lessoning of pain. Positive doctor.” ~ Jeanne


“I had very reduced mobility in my left shoulder. I’d been to other chiropractors and physical therapists. I had this condition for about 3 months… pain was severe when I tried to move the shoulder out of it’s comfort zone. I’m an avid golfer but could not golf at all.  Dr. Cordoba, D.C. explained up front what needed to be done, and how long… I refer Dr. Cordoba, D.C.” ~ William


“Extreme back pain in upper and lower back… limited range of motion in the right shoulder and arm. Back pain suffered off and on for about 20 years. Golf, workout, walking were limited at times restricted. I no longer have constant pain. I have full range of motion in  my right arm… I would impress upon those I refer as to the intelligence and wealth of knowledge Dr. Cordoba, D.C. shares during each visit and how this has played a huge part in my overall health.” ~ Sandy

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