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“80% of where your health is this very minute is due to the dietary choices you make every day"
- Chris Kresser, M.S. Author of The Paleo Cure

In the community, from young to old, we will all suffer from a basic deficiency of micronutrients stemming from our daily dietary choices.

Research tells us that our food industry in the United States does not offer the same nutrients as it once did 100 years ago.

In fact, most European countries will not accept food from the United States due to the agricultural business’ practice of adding steroids, sugar, and other fillers.

Chiropractic Sports and Acupuncture offers only a high grade of supplementation offered in Standard Process.  Dietary, Nutritional and Rehabilitation are key components to the effectiveness of the Chiropractic adjustment and effects the patients’s long-term resolve of their health condition.

Effective nutrition and rehabilitation both promote long-term resilience in the body system against a host of conditions: migraines, headaches, joint pain, chronic fatigue, poor sleeping patterns, allergies, low back and neck pain, and muscle tension/spasms to name a few.  

If you require rehabilitative services after an injury or surgical procedure, do not hesitate to inquire from this office about your care.  

You will find that Chiropractic medicine practiced in this office is more than just about “the adjustment.”  This office is well versed in rehabilitative and strengthening protocols.  And even though Physical Therapy is usually recommended by most medical doctors (M.D.), and insurance may or may not cover that treatment, there are out of pocket expenses if deductibles have not been met or the carrier does not cover all the expense of the treatments.

Therefore, seek a consultation as to your rehabilitative care in at Chiropractic Sports and Acupuncture – it is effective and you will learn so much more about how to accomplish optimal health for you and your family.

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